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My name is Daniel. Spektralisk is my project for music and sound design. The name takes its origin from Starcraft which I played a lot in the past. There's nothing deep about it I just liked the way you pronounce unit names like Hydralisk, Ultralisk etc. hence the name. Spektra stands for that fact that I try to deal with a wide spectrum of genres. I try not to limit myself to anything particular in music although there are periods when I'm focused on specific type of music. "K" in the name is just polish accent cause I come from Poland, currently living in Kraków.

At the moment I'm focused on making music for trailers and doing sound design for different companies as well as my own products that you will find in Soundware section. Other genres that I'm working with are Drum & Bass, Industrial and Ambient. 

I'm primary interested in creating sounds and music for movie/game genres like sci-fi, horror, mystery. Moods that you will find in my music and sounds are darkness, tension, suspense and aggression. Check my Projects section to get an idea on the music and sounds I'm creating.

If you're interested in bespoke work for your project whether it's music or sound design, drop me a message through contact form or my social media channels.