Modular Synthesis Exploration
256 samples | 116 presets for Aalto | Ableton Live Pack

Modular Lab contains three parts

  • sample pack (256 samples, WAV 24Bit/48kHz) - audio loops generated with 0-Coast and Circuit Mono Station

  • Aalto synth presets - 116 sounds in several categories (Atmospheric, Drones and Textures, FX, Keys, Pads, Rhythmic)

  • Ableton Live Pack - 80 presets for devices from Creative Extensions pack (Poli, Bass and Instrument Racks)

Modular Lab is first episode in Sound Design Stream dedicated to modular synthesis and offers samples and presets.

Sample pack contains audio loops generated with 0-Coast and processed by Circuit Mono Station. This combo provides raw, analog and dirty sounds. Ideal for anyone who doesn't have analog synth and would like to add this flavour to his/her sound collection.

This episode also contains presets for semi-modular synthesiser Aalto by Madrona Labs. Included sounds span several categories such as: atmospheres, drones, pads, pulses, fx and weird experimental sounds. If you're familiar with my other sound library, Post Nuclear, this one contains similar sounds.

Ableton Live Pack contains miscellaneous sounds made with several max for live devices from Creative Extensions Live Pack and Live's stock audio effects.


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