Color Wavetables
100 presets and 50 wavetables for Vital


  • 100 presets for Vital

  • 50 wavetables for Vital (available for free)

  • categories: Bass (8), Keys (4), Pad (28), Sequence (24), Experiment (7), Sfx (18), Template (11)


  • Vital 1.0.7 or higher

  • format: .vitalbank file (Vital sound bank)

Content Library



Five albums available to download. Stream at https://soundcloud.com/spektralisk/albums

Sample Packs


  • modular loops (128 samples) - synths loops made with software and hardware modular


  • experimental effects (128 samples) - multilayered experimental sound effects (great for usage with granular processing)

Sound Flux Bundle


  • 150+ samples

  • 250+ presets

  • 130+ wavetables

  • covered plugins: Reaktor (Kontour, DRON-E, Razor), Massive X, ValhallaDelay, Aalto, Pigments, Adaptiverb, Vital, VCV Rack, Zebra

Polychrome is collection of various sounds created with wavetable synthesis. It offers wavetables and presets for Vital synth in several sound categories such as pads, atmospheres, bass, rhythmic, experimental, fx.

Licensing info here

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