New sounds every month
Current Episode: S01E07 Singularity

This episode contains presets from Portal

100 presets for Portal in several categories (codenames) each for different type of processing:

  • PULS - creating pulses, gated sounds from sustained input sound

  • WARP - weird, experimental sound transformations

  • RYTM - intended to use on rhythmic material like drum loops

  • VOIC - vocal processing

  • TXTR - creating washed atmospheres, textures and space'y sounds

  • TMBR - changing color of the sound

Content Library



Five albums available to download. Stream at

Sample Packs


  • modular loops (128 samples) - synths loops made with software and hardware modular


  • experimental effects (128 samples) - multilayered experimental sound effects (great for usage with granular processing)

Previous episodes

Sound Design Stream (SDS) is a membership service that offers new sound design and music production related content on monthly basis. 

Each month is a new Episode that focuses on specific area of sound design such as spaces, vocal processing, distortion, rhythmic sounds, granular, wavetable etc. Every episode brings new presets for vst plugin selected depending on current theme. Episode is available only in current month and is replaced with new one the next month.

Every episode is also available separately

What you get

  • new presets for selected vst plugin each month

  • instant access to constantly growing content library: sample packs, ableton live packs, music

  • 50% off discount code for my other products and previous episodes no longer available in subscription


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Discount code may be applied to all sound libraries. In this way you'll be able to buy  my other sound libraries and episodes no longer available in subscription with a discount.


I may apply changes to these rules and subscription tiers at any time

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