Reverbs, Delays, Atmospheres
128 samples | 108 presets for ValhallaDelay | Ableton Live Pack

Space Probe contains three parts

  • Sample pack (128 samples) - atmospheres, drones and textures

  • ValhallaDelay presets (108) in categories: Drums, Echo, Effects, Reverb

  • Ableton Live Pack - contains presets for Echo, Reverb and Instrument Racks with Wavetable and Collision (150 presets in total)

Content Library



Five albums available to download. Stream at

Sample Packs


  • modular loops (128 samples) - synths loops made with software and hardware modular


  • experimental effects (128 samples) - multilayered experimental sound effects (great for usage with granular processing)

Previous episodes

Space Probe is a collection of samples and presets focused on spaces, echoes and various atmospheric sounds.

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