Distorted Bass Loops
256 samples | 300 presets for Ultraloop | Ableton Live Pack

Syclotron Bass contains three parts

  • sample pack (256 samples, WAV 24Bit/48kHz) - distorted synth bass loops in several tempos (128, 140, 160 and 172 BPM)

  • Ultraloop (Reaktor Ensemble) presets - 300 snapshots in total for Ultraloop by Twisted Tools (Ultraloop is available separately at

  • Ableton Live Pack - includes all the samples from sample packs and offers tools for remixing audio loops

Content Library



Five albums available to download. Stream at

Sample Packs


  • modular loops (128 samples) - synths loops made with software and hardware modular


  • experimental effects (128 samples) - multilayered experimental sound effects (great for usage with granular processing)

Sound Flux Bundle


  • 150+ samples

  • 250+ presets

  • 130+ wavetables

  • covered plugins: Reaktor (Kontour, DRON-E, Razor), Massive X, ValhallaDelay, Aalto, Pigments, Adaptiverb, Vital, VCV Rack, Zebra

Syclotron Bass is a set of sounds and tools for generating synthetic, distorted bass loops for various genres. It offers samples pack of various bass/synth loops in several tempos, presets for Ultraloop Reaktor ensemble and Ableton Live Pack with loop mangling tools.

Included audio loops are focused mainly on aggressive side and are ideal for musical applications that need energetic and destructive sounds.

Ultraloop and Live Pack tools allow generation of huge variations of new rhythmic synth material by utilising provided loops or your own audio files. You will be able to quickly create loops that are instantly inspiring and give a lot of new ideas for your own music productions.


  • Ableton Live 10 Suite (10.1.30 or higher) for Ableton Live Pack

  • Ultraloop 1.1.6 by Twisted Tools - for Ultraloop snapshots (available separately at,

  • Reaktor 5 or higher (full version, not a player) - for Ultraloop ensemble (requirements according to Twisted Tools website)

  • approx. 1 GB space (whole bundle)

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