Surreal Bliss
100 presets for Massive X | 88 presets for Pigments | Ableton Live Pack | 403 samples
starts at $7


  • 100 presets for Massive X in categories like: pads (38), soundscapes (50), keys (12)

  • 88 presets for Pigments: pads (38), soundscapes (50)

  • sample pack: 88 single samples for pads and soundscapes, 315 multi samples for keys (rendered presets from Massive X)

  • Ableton Live Pack: 17 instrument racks for Soundscapes, Pads and Keys

Trees is a collection of sounds in multiple formats: presets for Massive X, Pigments, Ableton Live and a sample pack. Main theme of this set are pads and soundscapes balancing between beauty and tension. Moods that you’ll find in this pack are: bliss, peace, ethereal, surreal, tension, darkness, stillness and more. This sound pack might be good addition for any cinematic composer wanting to create his/her own soundscapes.

Included presets for Massive X are highly customisable with programmed macros and mod wheel. There is also sample pack available containing rendered presets from Massive X. The sample pack serves as the basis for additional presets for Pigments and Ableton Live. All of these formats are available separately or as a bundle.

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