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Sound Design Stream

New sounds every month

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  • two welcome sample packs

  • one sample pack every month

  • 50% discount for products in store

$7 / month

  • content from Blue tier

  • presets for selected vst plugin

$14 / month



  • content from Green tier

  • Ableton Live Pack

  • my latest and every upcoming  sound library during subscription

  • all my music catalog

$20 / month

Current Episode

SDS S01E02

Sample Pack

VST Presets

Ableton Live Pack

128 samples

experimental, field recordings, morphed, rhythmic and tonality

50 presets for Arturia Pigments 2 synthesizer

presets for Grain Delay, Audio Effect Racks and Instrument Racks

100 in total

All tiers

Green and Red tiers

Red tier

Content preview


Granular Lab

Free Sound Library


Red tier

Bonus content

Welcome Sample Packs

Two samples packs at the beginning of subscription.

Modular Loops - 128 samples, synth loops made with software and hardware modular


Experimental Effects - 128 samples, multilayered complex and weird fx, good for use in granular processing

All tiers

Discount code

50% discount code for products outside of subscription (previous episodes and sound libraries)

All tiers


What is Sound Design Stream?

Sound Design Stream (SDS) is a membership service that offers new sound content on monthly basis. Each month is a new Episode that focuses on specific area of sound design such as spaces, vocal processing, distortion, rhythmic sounds etc. Every episode consists of three parts: sample pack, presets for selected vst plugin and Ableton Live Pack. What you receive depends on selected tier. In addition to that you'll receive bonus content such as welcome sample packs at the beginning of subscription, discount code for products outside of subscription, recently released sound library and all my music. Bonuses also depend on selected tier.

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