Sounds from the Void
128 samples | 128 Adaptiverb presets | 128 Pigments presets | Ableton Live Pack
starts at $5


  • 128 presets for Adaptiverb - frozen sounds that you can modify with the reverb controls

  • 128 samples rendered from Adaptiverb presets

  • 128 presets for Pigments - samples imported into the synth with additional macro controls

  • Ableton Live Pack - contains four instrument racks that offers different layering and processing of the included 128 samples

Tundra Drones is a sequel to Frozen Drones. Unlike its predecessor this one comes in four formats: samples, Zynaptiq’s Adaptiverb presets, Pigments presets and Ableton Live Pack. Each format is available separately or you can choose all in a bundle.

Tundra Drones provides wide range of drone sounds in moods like dark, cold, surreal, mystical, emptiness, ethereal and more. This set of sounds will be useful for a number of genres, serving as sound bed for building an intro and setting mood of the track. Subtle movement in the sounds makes them ideal for dark ambient music.

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