Wavetable Collection
250 wavetables | 64 single cycle waveforms


  • 250 wavetables in wav and vitaltable format

  • 64 single cycle waveforms

  • free demo contains 50 wavetables and is available at Sound Flux

Content Library



Five albums available to download. Stream at https://soundcloud.com/spektralisk/albums

Sample Packs


  • modular loops (128 samples) - synths loops made with software and hardware modular


  • experimental effects (128 samples) - multilayered experimental sound effects (great for usage with granular processing)

Sound Flux Bundle


  • 150+ samples

  • 250+ presets

  • 130+ wavetables

  • covered plugins: Reaktor (Kontour, DRON-E, Razor), Massive X, ValhallaDelay, Aalto, Pigments, Adaptiverb, Vital, VCV Rack, Zebra

Wavemorph is a collection of wavetables for synthesisers like Vital or Serum.

All wavetables are categorised according to how they sound when swept with LFO and what kind of sounds they are useful for.

Wavetable names are prefixed with the 4 letter code to indicate the category. This was done for convenience sake, so that all categories can be put in one folder and user can quickly flick through different timbers when working on sounds.

In addition there are various single cycle waveforms available so you can construct your own wavetables.

Below you can find category codes:

  • HYBR (hybrid) - wavetables that are multilayered or indicate multiple characteristics from other categories

  • INST (instrument) - wavetables that contain the snapshot of instrument sound, e.g. guitar pluck, drum hit etc.

  • NOIS (noise) - all kinds of noises

  • SYNT (synth) - synthetic sounding wavetables useful for synth basses or any other synth-like sounds

  • TXTR (texture) - natural, organic sounding wavetables or synthesised sounds useful for generating textures, drones or other soundscapes e.g. environmental sounds, materials, snapshots of ambient sounds

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